Monday, November 5, 2012

Dress Shopping

One of the things that I have looked forward most to since getting engaged is dress shopping. I have always envisioned my mom and I (& maybe my maid of honor) going out and trying on dresses, and then going with other friends randomly to try on other dresses and bridesmaid dresses also. I hoped that Mom would be with me when I had the feeling that this was "THE DRESS" and we would hug, tears in our eyes, and be so happy that I had found the dress I would wear when I start my life with my husband.
I admit that I enjoy trying on dresses, but my budget is pretty low (my choosing, not my parents) so the dresses that I can consider is of limited quantity. Plus, in my above description, I did not take into consideration two facts. 1: I hate shopping and 2: my MIL...
I think that number 1 needs no explanation, so we'll skip right to #2. When B2 and I first got engaged, one of D's mouth was "You had better take me wedding dress shopping." Umm, ok. I think that's my decision. I guess it's not a bad idea to include my MIL, but it take a little of the shine out of my little fantasy bubble up there. Then she said "We can go this weekend if you want and then when your mom is in town, you will know exactly what you want." Umm, no. In no part of my wedding dress fantasy did I see myself going with only my crazy MIL.
Long story short, I go shopping with a friend and am fairly unsatisfied with the dresses I tried on. I went home and, as a fluke, tried on a could of dresses that a lady in a nearby town was selling for super cheap. That's when I found the dress. I'll admit it, no bells or harps went off in my head and it is not THE DRESS, but it is what I want to wear and I will be happy to wear it. The woman is willing to do the alterations for a very minimal amount as well, so that makes it even easier.
The question then came about how to tell my MIL that I had a dress. The only answer I could think of was: Don't tell her and have a fake dress-shopping event. It was a success, thank goodness, and D behaved herself. It was interesting to see her expressions. When I walked out with the first dress, she gasped "Oh my GOSH! That's the dress. You're appropriately covered and I like that it's not strapless. You won't be messing with yourself all night." The second dress was my "OMG DREAM DRESS" with a nightmare of a pricetag. Mom and I loved it, but D stated that it was "too much and the silver takes away from the white." That statement alone went completely against her later statements that I "must wear a colored sash" because a plain white dress is "boring and old fashioned."
All in all, she behaved herself and she's not going to be hurt now because I found a dress somewhere else. I went back to my parents' house this weekend and I'll just claim that I found it just now. Let's just hope that she doesn't offer to do the alterations. She's amazing with a sewing machine, but a wedding dress is a little different from her quilts and embroidery.